Trash Can Days — A Review

Middle School as cultural touchstone by Teddy Steinkellner, Disney-Hyperion August, 2013 This is an accomplished MG/YA novel with enough sophistication to appeal to older readers as well. It employs an eclectic narrative technique with four distinct first person points of view, mixed with excerpts from text exchanges, tweets, blog pages, letters and school announcements. Thank […]

Printz Finalists Part 2 (With one Bonus Book)

Part 2 – Exploring the Printz Finalists (plus a bonus) In Part 1 I looked at three of the finalists which featured highly stressed main characters – a gangbanging Haitian buried in rubble, a girl with severe Aspergers, and a street boy in 19th century London. Another common element, which I did not note in that post, is […]